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Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Klingon items for trade or sale

 KLINGON KNIFE IN HOLDER This Klingon knife prop was used in the Star Trek: Enterprise series. It was made to be used as a non-descript background prop and therefore the knife and holder are made as one piece
Made of foam rubber the knife is painted black and brown, has faux spikes at the top of the hilt, many textured along the front and back, a small Klingon symbol belonging near the bottom has been removed, and on the reverse side, metal clips for attaching the knife to a costume. The item show minor wear and measures approx. 14 x 3 x 1.5 inches. 


A costume accessory appearing in Star Trek feature films and episodic television, a Klingon belt and buckle. The item is black vinyl with a resin buckle painted metallic silver with five ‘studs' and a pair of wire loops molded into the reverse. 

   STAR TREK: VI “KLINGON COURT ATTENDEE COSTUME ELEMENT ” featured in the sixth Star Trek feature film “The Undiscovered Country”. a large molded rubber costume embellishment that covers the entire front of the wearer’s body excepting the arms. It wraps around the neck with a circular clasp and hangs down over the body. Two familiar Klingon accents are present on the item, one: a Klingon unit badge molded from rubber adhered into a position on the front, and two: a Klingon Empire emblem is molded immediately into the rubber of the item itself. It is adorned with multiple molded textures and accents. The Velcro adhered into the neck piece has lost its adhesive quality.  Due to time and storage, the rubber items have incurred some degree of fading and damage but all are generally in good shape.


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